7 Mysterious Details on the Alabama White Thang

By Misty Lemmond

In northern Alabama, stories have been circulating since the 1940s about a mysterious, white creature who lurks behind dark corners and does not want to be found. Known as the Alabama White Thang to locals, it is steadily gaining recognition across the country as more people share their experiences.

Many folks are quick to label the creature as a legendary myth. However, for those who have had first-hand encounters with the white beast, they are adamant in the authenticity of their experience.

So, what is the Alabama White Thang? Let’s take a look at 7 mysterious details on this creepy, white creature.

1. People have encountered it in more counties than just Morgan, Etowah, and Jefferson.

Legend has it that the White Thang wanders only the counties of Morgan, Etowah, and Jefferson. This is impossible to do since the three counties do not border each other. (Well, unless the creature can teleport. I’m not convinced. Sorry.) I have circled the three counties on the map below.

Morgan, Etowah, and Jefferson counties are circled in red.

I have read reports from folks who have encountered the Alabama White Thang in Madison, Marshall, Dekalb, Lawrence, Limestone, Shelby, Blount, and Cullman counties. And I know I am leaving out countless other counties. Whatever this creature is, it loves the environmental and geographical setting of northern Alabama.

2. Not everyone witnessed it standing on four legs. . .
Some witnesses say the Alabama White Thang resembles a mountain lion while others say it resembles a bigfoot.

From what I have gathered and heard through the years, not everyone has encountered the creature standing on four legs. Some witnesses have described a white, furry creature standing on two legs with a resemblance to that of a bigfoot character. Other witnesses have described a white, furry creature standing on four legs with a resemblance to a bobcat or mountain lion.

Naysayers argue that this is proof it is just a myth and that people are convincing themselves of folklore and not truth. I don’t know about you, but I know a few folks who are adamant and confident in their experiences with the Alabama White Thang. I think there may be something to it.

Besides, there are some animals, like bears, who stand on four legs AND two legs. Just sayin’.

3. It has fur that is white as snow.

Whatever this creature is, it has fur as white as snow. The description always brings polar bears to mind; yet, I don’t think Alabama has any polar bears roaming its wildlife refuges and thick, kudzu-filled, woods.

The polar bear resembles the description of the Alabama White Thang.

Many theories float around that the white fur could be indicative of an albino bear or mountain lion. Some theories suggest that the Alabama White Thang is, perhaps, a group of rare albino species while other theories suggest it is one entity that is spiritual.

4. It has glowing, red eyes.

This is the creepy part. Every eyewitness reports that it has glowing, red eyes. No, we aren’t talking about the flashlight hitting the eyes and creating the animalistic red glow. No flashlight is needed to see its red, glowing eyes.

The Alabama White Thang is said to have red, glowing eyes.

Often times, it is the red, glowing eyes that capture the attention of many eyewitnesses.

5. It screams like a woman. Literally.

Nearly every story I have heard has details of the White Thang’s nails-on-a-chalkboard, cringeworthy, screeching, high-pitched scream that will send chills down your spine. It apparently reacts this way when it has been caught and disappears quickly.

The Alabama White Thang has a very high-pitched scream that will send chills down your spine.

To be more specific, many folks in Huntsville, Alabama in the Bailey Cove neighborhood, share stories of hearing high-pitched screams at night. While some people dismiss the idea with claiming it’s merely a coyote or mountain lion, others are not easily convinced. This area has also reported quite a few White Thang sightings of a white, four-legged creature that resembled a mountain lion.

6. The Alabama White Thang is terrified of light.

The majority of experiences with the White Thang are encountered when light exposes its appearance. There are reports of people driving home, pulling up in their driveway and witnessing the creature as their headlights reveal its eerie presence.

The Alabama White Thang is terrified of light.

Upon exposure, the creature screams out and disappears instantly. Some of these eyewitnesses have had multiple encounters with the White Thang in this same scenario. Other encounters involved flashlights exposing the gnarly creature. Regardless, all encounters have been accidental; no one has successfully sought out the Alabama White Thang and succeeded in their planned search efforts.

7. Whatever it is, it prefers to hide in wooded, rural areas.

Whatever the White Thang is, it prefers to lurk around in wooded, rural areas where it can not be seen. People who have seen it on a continual basis live in rural areas. (Not many people see it on a continual basis. That is a rare occurrence.)

The Alabama White Thang lurks around wooded, rural areas.

Many sightings of the White Thang have been reported at the wildlife refuge in Morgan County. Several hikers and fishermen through the years have shared similar stories with their eerie experience with the creature.

Have you had any experiences with the infamous Alabama White Thang? If so, folks would love to hear your story! Share in the comments below.


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