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Where in the world are you? Geographically speaking, you are somewhere. Here at Geotale, we enjoy sharing tidbits of knowledge, facts, and tales on everything geographical.

We love maps. We love exploration. We love studying how different areas of the world works. Thanks to the Internet, you can now explore the world virtually. Every adventure and faraway land is conveniently at your fingertips.

Did you know:

  • Iceland is growing at a rate of 5 centimeters per year thanks to tectonic plate expansion.
  • Oregon has more ghost towns than any other state in the USA.
  • Damascus, Syria is the oldest city in the world.
  • South America is only 500 miles from Antarctica.
  • Chillingham Castle in Chillingham, England is said to be the most haunted castle in the world.
  • Drake Passage, between South America and Antarctica, has the roughest seas in the world and you can pay to cruise them on a ship.
  • The Bermuda Triangle is not listed on any world maps or recognized on the U.S. Board on Geographic Names.

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How well do you know U.S. geography? Check out these tidbits.

By Misty Lemmond

How well do you know your way around the United States? Quiz yourself, or your friends, below!

  • Is Las Vegas the capital of Nevada? No. Reno is the capital of Nevada.
  • What Minnesota town is completely surrounded by Canada? Angle Township.
  • Which state has the highest speed limit for a 40-mile stretch of highway? Texas.
  • What is the most northern point in the United States? Point Barrow, Alaska.
  • Which American city has the highest average wind speed? Mt. Washington, New Hampshire.
  • What is the oldest city in the United States? St. Augustine, Florida. Founded in 1565.
  • Where is the hottest place in the United States? Death Valley, California.
  • What states make up the tornadic Dixie Alley? Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia.
  • Is New York City the capital of New York? No. Albany is the capital of New York.
  • Which state has the largest coastline? Alaska.
  • What is the smallest state? Rhode Island.
  • Which state has more people than the country of Canada? California.

How well did you do? Be sure to share with your friends. Geographical facts are always fun to discuss!

Dare to Cross the Roughest Sea Route in the World: Drake Passage

By Misty Lemmond Drake Passage is known as “the most powerful convergence of seas”. The Atlantic, Pacific, and Southern Oceans collide in this 500-mile stretch of deep waters that connect the southernmost tip of South America to the South Shetland Islands of Antarctica. That’s right: Antarctica. In addition to being the collision point for THREEContinue reading “Dare to Cross the Roughest Sea Route in the World: Drake Passage”

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